Where it all started...

Happily Ever Engraving is a business born out of benevolence. This picture shows the gifts that started it all. I used my digital skills and talents with the laser to engrave one of my grandma's handwritten recipes onto acacia wood cutting boards. I gave these as gifts to my mom and each of her siblings.  I truly underestimated the value of these gifts. My sweet aunt was so proud of her cutting board that she took it to a local flower shop to show it off to her friends, and just like that a business was born. I am partnering with local businesses and makers to produce custom engraved cutting boards that make heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. I love this work! These make such meaningful gifts that really pull at the heart strings. When someone opens a gift like this and sees the handwriting of a loved one, it is not just a gift, it's a timeless treasure. Growing up in this digital age, I find so much value in a handwritten note. It is meaningful to me to make a gift out of someone's penmanship.

I never dreamed of owning my own business, and I never set out to be a small business owner.  This is a hobby that took off! I felt like I had reached a pinnacle in my career and had my dream job as a registered nurse.  Little did I know that my highest calling in life was to be a mother to a sweet baby! Once my baby was born, my life changed dramatically. Although 'momming' is hard work, my life is so much richer and fuller! Motherhood is the most difficult job, but it pays dividends like no other!